Sunday, July 30, 2006

How Now Shall We Worship? Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

A few posts from this past week that I hope you didn't miss. Dr. Mohler continues with the second and third of his three part series on recovering biblical worship. Tim Challies takes up the question of Christian rap.

Yesterday, I asked whether the American church was sufficiently prepared to suffer for the sake of Jesus' name. John MacArthur at PulpitLive is thinking about suffering and persecution. Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum asks these questions: Have you ever wondered if you've naturally (through cultural osmosis) fallen into a lifestyle that is antithetical to real, vibrant Christianity? And worse, you're not sure how to change or you don't grasp what a more godly lifestyle looks like in America 2006?

Mel Duncan contends that, "Postmodernity has created the same problems in Christianity that the fall of the Berlin Wall did for western Europe and Industrialized Civilization." And Russ Moore warns "Don't drink the Kool-Aid!"

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