Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chatting With Brothers & Friends

Justin Taylor is continuing our discussion with some worthwhile thoughts regarding affirmation action over at his blog. Good stuff to chew on and continue discussing.

Anthony Carter is posting some excellent reflections on the question, "Can the African American church be reformed?" The question has implications for black and white churches, and the answer may lay in Reformed theology. Check it out.

Friendship in Christ is such a wonderful thing!


Anonymous said...


I hope you enjoy Charlotte this Sunday (you'll be at Desiring God Church, right?) Are you just preaching Sunday morning. I would love to come hear you but I can't get out of my own pastoral duties. I hope you enjoy our city on your way to Minneapolis! Maybe we could hook up next time.

FellowElder said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I'm at DGCC for the morning service. Looking forward to fellowship with the saints there.

Perhaps next time we can connect. Thank you for being faithful to your pastoral duties there at the church. May the Lord bless and multiply your labors in the Gospel!