Tuesday, February 06, 2007

DG Pastors' Conference

Last night the DG pastors' conference kicked off! It was a great start to the conference. 1,200 men singing, as Luther put it, "lustily," to the glory of God! The conference theme is the holiness of God. Who better to be the opening speaker than R.C. Sproul? He was vintage R.C.! I never tire of hearing him expound Isaiah 6! If you haven't read any of R.C.'s works or listened to him teach, you owe that to yourself. Consider starting with The Holiness of God or Grace Unknown: The Heart of Reformed Theology.

The thing that most encouraged and impressed me on the first night happened before the conference. The speakers and their wives were having dinner, and at one point R.C. expressed his great confidence in the Word of God as the power of God. It wasn't a long statement or great treatise... just a humble confession of confidence in the God of the Word and the Word of God. And it was great to hear and see such confidence in a man that has written over 60 books, led a ministry for over thirty years, and who is nearing the end of his ministry. The same unwaivering confidence. I pray we all have it.


bookpress said...

Thabiti, I trust our God's goodness and power were present in both His Word and Spirit as you preached this morning.

Just a heads up to anyone inspired by your post to look into Sproul's Grace Unknown - it's now titled What is Reformed Theology?

Alan said...

Just listening to your particpation in the Q and A via MP3 in (wine-producing and drinking)Switzerland. You mentioned the non alcohol part of your church covenant. How does that work with the elder listed on your church website who enjoys fine food and wine? Are you revising your covenant? (This is not a trick question - though you may prefer not to post it on your site).

FellowElder said...

Hi Alan,
We're not currently using that covenant because of that clause and one other. We've not revised the covenant officially, but where appropriate, I've made comments re: the issue and the Bible's teaching on Christian freedom/weaker brother. Lord willing, we'll revise the covenant at some point future.

Anonymous said...


I shook your hand briefly in Minn. and was really moved by your message. Thanks for bringing the Word and I pray to make it down to Cayman and worship with you some day, Lord willing...And to my brother Wyeth, thanks for your encouraging word as well...
God bless,

chuck cobb
atl, ga.