Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hangin' Out with Michael Haykin

Today, I've had a little more time than usual to catch up on some blog reading since I'm slowed down by some flu bug or something. So, I hung out with Michael Haykin over at Historia Ecclesiastica. A number of things caught my attention that I thought I'd recommend for your reading as well.

#1. What is critical for preachers of the doctrines of grace to notice about NT ministry?
I am constantly amazed that far too many good preachers who love the doctrines of grace and who are assiduous in their reading of the Scriptures fail to notice one critical aspect about ministry in the New Covenant: it is intimately linked to bulding community and relationships. There is, I suspect, among some of these brothers, a mistaken view of what constituted faithful ministry in the past—among the Reformers, for example, or the Puritans.
Read the entire post, Reformed Preachers Whistling Dixie.

#2. Why does Haykin--and why should we--give thanks to God for J.I. Packer?
I thank God for Dr. Packer: for his enormous contributions to the life and thought of the church—and for the help that he has given, by the grace of God, to this one sinner seeking to be a faithful Christian pilgrim.
Read the entire tribute.

#3. What should pastor's smell like?

The shepherd must smell of sheep! I am sure shepherds when they come home from their labours smell “sheepy.” So must true pastors. Here, Richard Baxter is the guide, is he not? For all of his oddities regarding certain soteriological issues, he laid out a true guidebook to pastoral work in his The Reformed Pastor. It is a very convicting book—but so necessary in our day for Reformed brothers whom God has called to pastoral ministry.

The task of the true pastor is a multi-faceted work: prayer and preaching, mentoring and discipleship, caring and loving. Please brothers who are called to this ministry, give your selves to this task: 1 Peter 5:2, shepherd the flock of God in all of its dimensions.

Read the entire post.

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