Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cut to the Soul at Blasphemy

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration--indeed, that you are still celebrating in a conscious and intentional way the incarnation of the Savior Christ Jesus.

I was planning to take this week off from blogging, and likely will. But while out skimming a lot of worthwhile blogs, I came across this at Ray Ortlund, Jr's blog, Christ Is Deeper Still. It's well worth pondering... and I can feel something of this man's anguish at the thought!

Henry Martyn (1781-1812), Anglican missionary, was the guest of a muslim friend for dinner. His host described for him a painting he had seen of Jesus bowing down before Muhammad. Martyn tells us what happened next:"I was cut to the soul at this blasphemy. Mirza Seid Ali perceived that I was considerably disordered and asked what it was that was so offensive? I told him 'I could not endure existence if Jesus was not glorified; it would be hell to me if He were to be always thus dishonored.' He was astonished and again asked 'Why?' 'If anyone pluck out your eyes,' I replied, 'there is no saying why you feel pain; it is feeling. It is because I am one with Christ that I am thus dreadfully wounded.'"

Quoted in Constance E. Padwick, Henry Martyn: Confessor Of The Faith, page 265.

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Hannah said...

The indignation Martyn felt for blasphemy should also be shared by Christians regarding heresy within the church. Perhaps if there was more zeal for right doctrine, and more mourning over heresy, the less defamation of Christ's identity there would be.
That is a wonderful quote. It has come to mind several times since I first read it here. Thank you for sharing.