Friday, September 19, 2008

Scary Sights in Scotland

Scotland boasts some of the most picturesque sights on the planet. The landscape of the highlands makes an ordinary man a poet.

But some sights are surprisingly scary. Take this one for instance:

This is taking the Scottish Reformation waaayyy too far!

Thanks to the MacKenzie clan for the memories and the use of the tartans! Real men wear kilts!


Trey said...

We need more men who are as humble as you are Thabiti.

shane anderson said...

when in Rome??

Lionel Woods said...

Brother T,

What is up with them knee caps! LOL!!!!

FellowElder said...

Bro. Lionel,
It's those chilly northern climes. You know a bro didn't plan on having his legs out that day! He woulda rubbed on some Jergen's! LOL :-)

Joe said...

This is definitely one of the funnies pictures I ever seen from pastors and preachers after Pastor John Piper's west side hand sign picture. Thanks for a good laugh, Pastor Thabiti this Friday morning.

TaNeesha said...

i love it!

David Reimer said...

At least you got it the right way round. The bass player for Third Day sported a kilt at the first "Frenzy" concert near Edinburgh a couple years or so ago ... managed to get the pleats to the front. I mean ... how scary is that!


David (Mc)Reimer

Vernita said...

I have never laughed so hard in all of my life! This was a much needed comedic moment in the midst of studying for my Greek exam.



Anonymous said...


Please get a kilt for your friend, Al Mohler. Ha!

K. Smith

Reformed Renegade said...

I think I've got bettr knees, whadaya think?