Monday, October 06, 2008

Odd Bits and Pieces

I've been off the blogging horse for a while. It's been a good break, though I'm not sure I'm done with it. But this morning, I thought I'd put up a few odd bits and pieces. Perhaps there is something edifying or useful in some way.

1. I want to be a hypergelast. I'll let you look it up. I only know the word because that's the word for today from

2. Here's a helpful resource for anyone thinking about the inerrancy of the Bible.

3. Hey, have you prayed for or encouraged your pastor today? At the risk of sounding self-serving, could I suggest that every Christian church member consider one of their main ministries the ministry of encouragement for their pastors and elders. I received an email from one brother stating that he knew of over 20 pastors leaving the pastorate in one region of the U.S. I've had opportunity to interact with at least three pastors experiencing deep struggle. That doesn't include the normal battles for encouragement, joy, and perseverance that are just normal to pastoral ministry. So, have you prayed for your pastor(s) today?

4. Ta-Nehisi Coates sits down and vidblogs with John McWhorter. It's a wide-ranging conversation about hip-hop, racism, and other things. HT: JT.

5. Some helpful bits for preachers and teachers:

Don Caron "Preaching and Biblical Theology" (HT: UA)
Ray Ortlund, Jr., "Power in Preaching" (HT: JT)


JM Bayona said...

Thank you, my brother, for the links...primarily the "Conversation about hip-hop". You have essentially been the conclusion to my efforts in discovering a Black author that stands upon Scripture as his authority. Not that my search ends with you, but that it really begins here. Reading your notes and following what you do has opened an entire world that I desperately need to relate to...and I am a Puerto Rican who is looking to plant a church in my city. I have forsaken my culture for the sake of Christ because there is too much pride in it, but I must realize that not many people are willing to do this. I think about Paul saying "I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some." Am I right in my exegesis as a stance to rethink my actions?

DJP said...

So far from being self-serving, your call to encouraging one's pastor is directly Biblical, my brother.

Read it in Greek, and you'll see that 1 Thessalonians 5:12's exhortation "to respect those who labor among you," actually is a call to know them, to take the initiative and know your shepherd.

But even more directly, what is Apollos' — er, the writer's — point in Hebrews 13:17? He writes: "Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you." It is on the shoulders of the sheep, to some degree, to determine whether their pastor's ministry is done "with joy" or "with groaning."

A depressed pastor may indicate an irresponsible and disobedient flock.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your encouragement to pray for / encourage our leaders! I'm so grateful for how God uses my pastoral staff at my church yet so often I find myself taking that for granted. thanks for the reminder of what a gift they are.

Christopher Lake said...


No, sadly, I haven't prayed for, or otherwise encouraged, my pastor (main preaching elder) today-- and I should. Thank you so much for reminding me.

I was a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church for a too-short (not the rapper!) while with you, brother. I was the blond-haired guy in the wheelchair. :-) I didn't get a lot of opportunities to talk with you at length (something about which I wish I had been more pro-active), but I want to tell you here how much I was blessed by your preaching and your joyous sense of humor! I share much of your taste in music-- I *love* Reformed hip-hop (my current favorite is "Killing Sin," by Timothy Brindle), I've loved good blues since I was a misfit white teenager in small-town Alabama, and I think that Earth, Wind, and Fire are simply peerless with the funk (although Sly and the Family Stone are close)!

Anyway, brother, you have my prayers in your continued (Lord willing) ministry in Grand Cayman. My current church is Desert Springs (, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, my main preaching elder is Ryan Kelly, and today, because of your reminder, I will be praying for him! This Sunday, Lord willing, I want to encourage him at church too!

One last thing-- Desert Springs Church has a conference each year (I think it's in April or May) titled Clarus (Latin for "bright" or "clear"). Earlier this year, D.A. Carson and Michael Horton came to speak at the conference. Next year, Ray Ortlund, Jr. and Sam Storms are scheduled. Brother, I would *love* it if you could possibly come to speak in 2010 or 2011, Lord willing! No pressure though-- I'd just love to see you again and get a chance to introduce you to the brothers and sisters at my new church! :-)

FellowElder said...


Good to hear from you, bro! I'm glad to hear things are going well in NM and that you've landed at a good church in Desert Springs. Brother, I wish you had mentioned you liked the elements and blues; we coulda gotten together with Paul Pelt and fired up the blue light!

Praying you're well and rejoicing in the Lord of glory who gives us a new and indestructible life!

And thanks for praying for your pastor! Keep him encouraged.

Grace and peace,