Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Know It's Easter, But...

the potential "resurrection" of Henry Lyons inside the National Baptist Convention, the largest African-American denomination in the U.S., is ridiculous.

From the story:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The ousted former president of a national organization of black Baptist churches is running for the position again, a decade after he was sent to prison for stealing millions of dollars from the group. The Rev. Henry J. Lyons was forced out as leader of the National Baptist Convention USA in 1999 after an investigation revealed he abused his power in the convention to steal about $4 million. He used the money to buy luxury homes and jewelry, and to support his mistresses.


ajcarter said...

If he gets elected, it is just more evidence of the state of things.

Jay Wingard said...

Frankly, this is very similar to the charismatic movement trying its best to reinstate the heretic Todd Bentley. I agree with ajcarter... "it is just more evidence of the state of things". There is absolutely little to no discernment in the church today. I praise God that He has His hands securely around the Church Invisible!