Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trueman on Packer

Jim Packer and Martin Lloyd-Jones were the first two Christian authors I read as a new Christian. Packer's Knowing God and Lloyd-Jones' Great Doctrines of the Bible were formative right out of the gate. Recently, I finished Murray's two-volume biography on Lloyd-Jones and learned quite a bit more about these two men, their friendship, and their parting over the future of British evangelicalism.

So I really appreciated Carl Trueman's summary of Packer's legacy as he sees it. (HT: Westminster Bookstore)

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Erik said...

Yikes! Some pretty bold comments by Carl Trueman regarding J.I. Packer:

"Packer is, in a sense, a failure" at the 3:30 mark: [???]

1)"He (Packer) never wrote the great systematic theology he was capable of."

2) "His failure to come out in 1966 and challenge the authority of Martyn Lloyd-Jones as the leader of British Non-Conformist Evangelicalism."

Truemann 'redeems' himself in complementing Packer's model of humility at the 4:30 mark.

Overall, I think Truemann is quite gutsy in his summary of James Packer. Some, will most certainly, have a hard time swallowing Trueman's comments.