Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dever on the Southern Baptist Mistake

All of them will die, many of them without returning to church. Some of those will be our brothers and sisters in Christ who were in sin. I fear that many of them will not have been our brothers and sisters in Christ, and so they will slip into a Christ-less eternity, face a good and just God while they are still pleading their own merits for salvation, and fall under God's deserved penalty forever. We could have helped them, like the man in I Cor. 5 who was caught in sin (and may have repented II Cor. 2?), or like the man in Gal. 6:1. But we didn't.

So, to whom is my brother Mark Dever referring? Check out his reflections on the Southern Baptist Mistake and the risk it represents for the judgment of pastors and the souls of our members.

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Anonymous said...

Thabiti: I grew up on the buckle of the "southern baptist" Bible belt. In the same manner in which Paul (formerly Saul) claimed that he had been a Pharisee, and the son of a Pharisee (Acts 23:6; Acts 26:5; Philippians 3:5), not for any real (eternal) benefit but as a pseudo credential (meaningful to some influential but shallow men), I've been there, done that. Within the convention nothing in the name of legalism surprises me anymore, and still God has blessed me with a tiny role to be a missionary (used in the loosest sense) to my local southern baptist church. I don't mind Mark Devers carping on the issue, but please don't let it detract from or interrupt your thoughts on witnessing to Muslims. Thanks and God bless you. Regards, Steve