Thursday, April 05, 2007

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Nathan Finn has a series of short posts on Baptists and associations that I find helpful. You can read them here.

Tony Carter has listed a number of Reformed African-American preachers/pastors whose sermons are available on-line. The links are here. If you know of others, please drop Carter a line.

Michael Haykin shares with us "One of Jonathan Edwards' Pneumatological Convictions."

Cerulean Sanctum meditates on "Our Triumphant Holy Week". A clip:

Leonard Ravenhill once said that the sign of the Church wasn’t the cross, but the empty tomb. Though he readily acknowledged the difficulty of rendering an empty tomb in jewelry.

Maybe that’s for the better, for as much as the symbol of the cross has been co-opted by pot-smoking, women-abusing, hip-hop artists; bed-hopping, clueless, Hollywood celebrities; Christians in name only who never got to the real cross; and the the inane, shallow world-at-large, no one’s done a good job transforming an empty tomb into bling.

And that’s good for us, because an empty tomb that defies secularization can still say, “He’s not there.” In fact, about the only place we can say the Lord is not is in that chamber of death. He’s risen. He’s risen indeed.

GospelDrivenLife includes this blunt quote from Leon Morris:
To put it bluntly and plainly, if Christ is not my Substitute, I still occupy the place of a condemned sinner. If my sins and my guilt are not transferred to Him, if he did not take them upon Himself, then surely they remain with me. If He did not deal with my sins, I must face their consequences. If my penalty was not borne by Him, it still hangs over me. There is no other possibility.
--Leon Morris, The Cross on the NT


Paul said...

The other possibility is shouldering one's cross and putting the emphasis on seeking perfection - taking the direction in our own lives even though getting there on our own is impossible.

Dan Edelen said...


Thank you for the link back to my post at Cerulean Sanctum. As always, I pray it blesses your readers!

Have a blessed Easter weekend.

Gretchen said...

Dear Fellow Elder,

It sure is a small world when you discover how connected we all are to one another. I have not seen Ken in several years, but I spoke to him on the phone a while back, and we have so many mutual friends, we stay updated!

He's quite the character, as I said. Something interesting about him was the "Dating Manifesto" he published as a college Freshman and sent to all the on campus e-mail addresses. Ha ha ha! It's one of those things that you never are allowed to live down! He was a great kid, though, and of course, he still is a great guy. It's wonderful how much sanctification can make us into people who are able to dwell together and love one another!

I enjoy your blog!