Friday, October 19, 2007

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

My brother Lance loves baseball... and the gospel--and not in that order. He's still recovering from the fact that the Phils are watching the Fall festivities and so he's resorted to creative baseball analogies for presenting the speaking schedule for the Miami Pastors' Conference (which isn't just for pastors, ya know). It's looking like a great time in the word, meditating on the riches of Christ in the gospel. Jones. Carter. Horton. Ascol. If you're anywhere near Miami this Nov. 8-10th, you need to come to Glendale Baptist Church for this year's conference! Write it down. Cancel some meetings and be there for great gospel fellowship!

Al Mohler is reviewing King Cos' new book, Come On, People (HT: JT). You may recall that Cosby took some shots and was held at arm's lengths for his comments at an NAACP event a couple years back. Well, now, he's in print saying things that some have been saying for quite a while but no one with Cosby's stature. May his tribe increase.

It's been a deep and soul-satisfying privilege to be preaching through Matthew's gospel right now. So, I've been enjoying whatever I can get my hands on re: Matthew. So, this post asking and answering Did Jesus Spiritualize the Old Testament was helpful.


Paul Lamey said...


Thanks for the link brother. I too have been preaching through Matthew for the past couple of years and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I will be following up this post very soon with some thoughts on the sermonic structure of Matthew. I think Matthew probably highlights the preaching of Jesus more than any other gospel.

Gail said...

is "may his tribe increase" a new thabitism? i like it, i like it.