Friday, July 11, 2008

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Greg Gilbert is a "flaming populist" when he's not the leader. Read why he shouldn't be, and we shouldn't either. Catch his ongoing series on church reforem when you're not the pastor:
Post One: Reform Is Easier in a Small Church Than a Large One
Post Two: Do What Christians Do... Love.
Post Three: Make Yourself a Help, Not a Problem, to Your Church's Leaders

Eric offers an explanation for why some African American Christians will vote for Obama despite his position on things like abortion and gay marriage. (HT: Lance)

Young pastor, preserve the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace... by not gossiping with your people. So says Spurgeon (HT: DG):
It is the extreme of unwisdom for a young man fresh from college, or from another charge, to suffer himself to be earwigged by a clique, and to be bribed by kindness and flattery to become a partisan, and so to ruin himself with one-half of his people. Know nothing of parties and cliques, but be the pastor of all the flock, and care for all alike. Blessed are the peacemakers, and one sure way of peacemaking is to let the fire of contention alone. Neither fan it, nor stir it, nor add fuel to it, but let it go out of itself. Begin your ministry with one blind eye and one deaf ear.


Unknown said...

"If we open the door, forty million African Americans are going to witness a fellow African American getting the largest slice of the American Dream Pie—a dessert many had hoped to see people of color eat in their lifetime, but the many fell asleep having embraced such promises from afar."

This is perhaps the most evil thing I have read in a long time. Is is good for an African American to get a "slice of the pie" by stepping on the innocent? Isn't grasping for power at the expense of one's principles self-defeating?

African Americans have a unique opportunity to speak out against all the racial inequalities of the past while simultaneously speaking out against the inequalities of the present. How? By denouncing Obama. The injustices commited against the unborn today are no different in principle than the injustices commited against African Americans in the past. The same arguments have propelled both atrocities: that there is such a thing as life unworthy of life; that there is such a thing as human life that does not possess all the inalienable rights that a "normal" human being possesses.
NOW is the opportunity for African Americans to REALLY speak out...and say that justice is more important than political gain. Now is the time for African Americans to say that the injustices of the past are being repeated in the present against a different group of "life unworthy of life." Electing an African American is not the best way to proclaim the message of equality and to right the wrongs of the past. The best way to right the wrongs of the past is to refuse to let them be repeated in the present. The best way to proclaim a message of equality for ALL humans is refusing to elect an African American because he stands for the injustice of abortion. A man rising to power at the expense of innocent lives is not radical change or hope of racial equality realized; it is the very selling out of one's principles to power. To rise to power at the expense of the innocent is recommiting the very sins that were perpetuated against blacks in America. For African Americans to commit this sin against the innocent is not reconcilation, it is not hope, it is not change, it is the same old cycle of sin. Slaves becoming the slaveholders is not a change worth voting for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tips to the article. I find myself really appreciating articles that tell churchgoers how to be better members of the corporate body since being a churchgoer (but not a leader) is how I roll. I'm now waiting for my copy of your book "What is a Healthy Church Member" to arrive (the quicker the better!).