Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How Not to Preach Boring Sermons

Our man in Fulham, London, Mike Gilbart-Smith, posts at the 9Marks blog two video sermonsfrom Stuart Ollyott on "How Not to Preach Boring Sermons." (part one and part two)

The 13 points from the two sermons:

1) Reflect on when you last switched off
2) Learn communication skills
3) Be expository
4) Use stories
5) Ask questions
6) Keep eye contact
7) Use the spoken language (not the written language)
8) Take care of your voice
9) Remember that less means more
10) Be the slave of structure and logic
11) Be in the message
12) Assault the conscience
13) Conquer God before you start (in prayer)

Mike, along with our man in Dubai, John Folmar, conducted 9Marks workshops in Portugal in partnership with the folks at FIEL. If you're interested in the workshop talks, videos are available here.

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Anonymous said...

>>Conquer God before you start (in prayer)<<

Conquer God?? What does that look like?