Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 12 Apostles of Democratic Religion

Religion News Service featured an article this week that listed the twelve people they think are teaching the Democratic party to "get religion." I like the hubris of naming 12. It's also an interesting list. Let's pray that Dem's (and Republicans) do, in fact, "get religion" and the choices in the future are that much more difficult because candidates at national, state and local levels are believers or at lease hold to a biblical view of the good life.

On another note, Dr. Mohler asks if Christians should fast from politics.


bookpress said...

Have you read Jubilee Manifesto? A brother here is teaching a monthly series on applying the Bible to public policy. The approach being taught is entirely new to me.

I'm committed to being more biblical in this area, but it's a bit intimidating to commit to give up picking and choosing biblical support without knowing where I'll end up!

So, while we would benefit from more politicians and civil servants coming to know Christ, how much better for them to learn in addition to honestly apply Scripture. Whatever that may mean.

I think you'd really enjoy this series.

Nathan Finn said...

This is a fascinating article. It is interesting how many politicians of every stripe are either jumping on the religion bandwagon or speaking out for the first time about their religious convictions (which one it is I suppose depends upon the politician).