Friday, November 03, 2006


There's some good preaching and teaching coming up in the next couple of weeks.

This Sunday, Nov. 5th, our brother Anthony Carter will be at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Temple Hills, MD preaching at the 5th anniversary of our fellow-laborer in the gospel, Eric Redmond. That should be a great time. If you're in the metro DC area, you should consider dropping by to encourage Eric and hear Anthony.

Next week, Nov. 9-11, is the Miami Pastors' Conference hosted at Glendale Baptist Church. This is the second annual conference. Keynoting the conference is Dr. Sinclair Ferguson. Also speaking are Rev. Ken Jones (Greater Union Baptist Church in Compton and White Horse Inn ), the aforementioned Anthony Carter, Sherrard Burns, Elliot Greene (Ref21 and Tyrannus Hall), Rickey Armstrong (host pastor who is also celebrating an anniversary in the ministry), Michael Leach and a host of others. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and the rich fellowship this event offers. Last year was a blast, and this year we're focused on "The Christ-Centered Aim of Preaching."

Make it a point to join these gatherings if you can.

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LouLove said...

Thabiti, you know how I wanted to be there with you guys to sit under and soak in the preached word. Please my brother do for us what you did at the SBC convention and keep us posted on the happenings there. I know you have your laptop and I know you got skills, my brother. Just a couple blogs will do. Please, please