Monday, July 16, 2007

Random thoughts for the week...

I'm off this week to the Sovereign Grace Baptist Association meeting to give four talks on "Witnessing the Muslims from a Biblical Perspective." So, blogging will be light.

But I thought I'd do a post this morning with some random thoughts.

Thought #1:
Tim Challies provides photographic justification for why, even though I live on a tropical island, I don't go snorkeling, diving, and now kayaking.

Tim says that following his research, he's confident the photo is authentic. I can hear all the people now saying, "But statistically shark attack is unlikely." Yeah, but I'm certain that as soon as I enter the water, the sharks will go, "Cool, soul food! When's the last time we had any of that?!" To be totally stereotypical: this is why black people don't swim!
Thought #2:
DG's conference videos are up (HT: JT). I think that Abraham Piper is not only a web savvy technician, he's a very good marketer of good information and gospel truth.
Thought #3:
My man Wyeth has posted some classic African American gospel videos worth the listen/viewing. Sometimes music is about sentiment, place, and memory.
I wish I had better thoughts going into a four-day conference when I'm giving four talks. But that's it for this week. Let's pray the talks are more helpful! :-)


chris lake said...

I'm praying for you on these talks, Brother Thabiti! I praise God for bringing you out of the darkness of Islam into His beautiful light! Your testimony gives me heart when witnessing to people who are lost in false religions (as I once was-- my religion was the worship of self, suppression of the truth, i.e. Romans 1:18, and hatred of the true God). We miss you, Brother, and we thank God for what He is doing through you at Grand Cayman! It was great seeing your wife at church this weekend!

Evers said...

The photo of the shark following the kayak was actually related to a scientific observation of sharks in shallow waters:

wwdunc said...

Thanks, Thabiti, for the mention on your blog! May God bless and empower your speaking this week.


FellowElder said...

I scientifically observe that sharks follow kayaks in shallow waters. :-)

Therefore, it's scientifically prudent for me to stay out of kayaks and shallow waters! :-)

Thanks for the snopes link.

Hannah said...

Wow. I'd seen the shark photo before but thought it was a hoax. When my family went to the beach in Alabama a couple months ago our thoughts were the same (statistically, shark attack chances are's Alabama!) Five shark sightings later we were a little more prayerful and a little less gullible to tourist brochures.