Thursday, September 06, 2007

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Upcoming Conference

It's the land of really nice people, a quarter of my congregation, and Tim Horton's!

Today, I have the privilege of heading off to Toronto, Canada to participate in the Sola Scriptura Ministries conference "Christianity--Islam: Two Faiths! Two Worldviews! One God?" It should be a great time of fellowship and study. I'm looking forward to hearing both Dr. Michael Haykin and Dr. James White open the word and guid us through the history of Islam and some apologetics. I have the privilege of sharing on the popular Islamic worldview, jihad, and basics of evangelism. If you can't join us, pray for us as we gather and reflect on this important topic.

What Seminaries Need
Speaking of Dr. Haykin, you mght enjoy this post (The Top Ten Needs of a Theological School) over at his blog. Haykin is well-equipped to offer these reflections. He led Toronto Baptist Seminar for some time and is a gifted educator.

Debating the Crucifixion

If you're in the Seattle, WA area on Friday, Oct. 19th, you might check out a debate on the crucifixion of Christ between James White and Muslim apologist Shabir Ally.

New Attitude Blog

The brothers at New Attitude are opening their blogging doors to a number of characters who themselves need new attitudes! Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds), Justin Buzzard (Buzzard Blog), Josh Harris (, Eric Simmons, Doug Hayes (Covenant Mercies), Issac Hydoski (ONE), Joe Stigora, and Ricky Alcantar, and the chief of sinners needing an atttitude adjustment, me, join to reflect on humble orthodoxy and the call to follow Jesus. I'm looking forward to a fun time of blogging with a cast of characters who are humble, funny, insightful, and passionate about the truth.


kerux said...

We are thrilled you are coming, brother!

Ricky Alcantar said...

Oh man...I seriously love Tim Horton's. It's unbeatable. Mmm

Oh and thanks for joining us on the Na blog.

Carla Rolfe said...

My husband and I had the pleasure of attending the afternoon sessions on Saturday, and although we missed your morning sessions (which we heard from everyone, were quite good), we did enjoy listening to your answers during the Q&A period.

Thank you for your service to the Lord and His people.

Carla Rolfe