Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why I Stay Away from the Airport News Stand

There are a number of reasons. Chief among them are the scantily clad women airbrushed on slick magazine covers. But then there is the non-stop blaring of CNN or some other news station. And then there is what passes as "news." I found this item--not in the airport news stand--but while surfing the net waiting on my plane to board.

"State Sen. Ernie Chambers Sues God." I'll confess. I don't know whether to applaud the senator's concern over frivolous lawsuits or to rant against the silliness of a "justice" system that allows such a suit. I'm too tired to do both. I wonder if Hitchens, Dawkins and others will make it a class action suit.


bookpress said...

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if the Senator's publicity stunt backfires. Both the Senator and his attorney (if any) will likely be sanctioned. You can file anything. That doesn't mean the court will look kindly on it.

Look forward to seeing and hearing you this weekend, Lord willing. There seem to be a few boxes of books around here with your name on them.

Hannah said...

What a world we live in!
By the way, the link posted, "State Sen. Ernie Chambers Sues God" didn't work for me.

Alex Chediak said...

Ben Witherington mentioned the Senator Chambers suit, and used it as an opportunity to criticize John Piper's response to the Minneapolis I-35 bridge collapse in July. Witherington alleges that Piper is "guilty of having an unbiblical view of God, that ironically is closer to the fatalistic one found in the Koran, than the biblical one found in the New Testament."
Seems like a caricature and misunderstanding at best.

FYI: Your link to the Senator Chambers suit does not seem to work. Here's another one. The story notes that Chambers often criticizes Christians.

J. K. Jones said...

Interesting. What will they think of next?

Thabiti, I am listening to an address you gave at a Desiring God conference on God's Holiness for the third time. Good work!

bookpress said...

Another example of an absurd lawsuit:

Of course this sort of craziness makes it into our legal system only because low barriers of entry that permit other, more important filings - such as pro se complaints by prisoners. In my view, better to allow (and quickly dismiss) a little craziness than preemptively silence voices of some of the weak and vulnerable - even if those weak and vulnerable are behind bars.