Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DG Pastors' Conference

From the Desiring God blog:

Registration is now open for our 2008 pastors conference. The theme is "The Pastor as Father and Son." The speakers are John Piper, D. A. Carson, Crawford Loritts, and Greg Livingstone. In his invitation, John Piper explains why we're doing this topic and why he chose each of these speakers.

Because of the theme, we would really like pastors to come to the conference with their sons and their dads. So, besides making the full price as reasonable as possible, we are offering a special: With a full-price registration, a pastor may purchase admission for his father and sons for $50 each.

For those who have come to our past conferences, please note that this event will be at a new venue. It will be held at the Minneapolis convention center. Check out the travel info for details.

This is certain to be a great conference, as usual. For many men, it will be the most engaging and tender conference they'll ever attend. I love the idea of a father-son conference. My Lord removed my father from this life in 2000. As some readers will know, my father left my life when I was around age 14. We were not close, though I trust we loved one another.

The father-son theme got me to thinking... would it be cool for those of us who are without earthly fathers or sons to take along:
1. A father who perhaps has a son serving overseas in the military, or who has lost a son in combat; or,
2. A younger man, a "son" in the faith, who is estranged from their father or has lost their father in this life.

It wouldn't be precisely the same as being their father and son, but it could be a rich time sharing together nonetheless.

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