Thursday, January 17, 2008

Virtue and Its Impostors

Three things confuse a Christian;
Yeah, four confound any man.

Unbelief masquerading as wisdom,
Enthusiasm presenting itself as faith,

Fear pretending to be patience,
and permissiveness claiming to be love.


whoisjim said...

This is good. Where is it from?

FellowElder said...

Driving in to the church this morning, praying about a situation, these were the thoughts that came to mind. Can you tell that Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are among my favorite books? :-) I'm afraid it's not very original.

dave said...

Yes, it sounds a lot like the Bible. I like it!

Rodney said...

Wow that is deep! I like proverb and Ecc, also. So will we be seeing a Anyabwile study bible in the future?!

FellowElder said...

No, you won't be seeing an "Anyabwile study Bible" in the future :-). I'm pleased to get my sermons done each week! :-)

Francisco said...

this is great!

Jeff said...

This is a nice little nugget. How true it is...and I am quick to examine my heart.

Anonymous said...

These are very revealing, I would love to see them expanded upon.