Monday, March 17, 2008

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Sermons I'm listening to today:

Excellent questions from an excellent article for pastors who want to make the gospel central:
  • When I correct someone are they primarily aware of the hope of forgiveness in the gospel?
  • Do I encourage people around me to obey because of Christ’s work or because they simply have to?
  • Are people more aware of my encouragement or my correction?
C.J. Mahaney and Sam Storms debating the greatest giftedness. I'm with C.J. on this one.

Also, ESPN is doing a great documentary ("Black Magic") on players and coaches from the golden era of HBCUs. Here's there Top Ten.


ajcarter said...

Hey T,
You, CJ, and Sam are sleeping on this one. ESPN has it right. The greatest is none other than "the captain" himself, Lew (bka Kareem Abdul Jabbar) Alcindor. He is head and shoulders (literally) above Mavarich and the Big O.

Mike Hall said...


I want to make you aware of a breaking story that Dr. Tom Ascol, Dr. Russell Moore, and Tim Ellsworth have all mentioned in their blogs. Please do what you can to help parents be aware of what their children might not be taught this Easter Sunday.

Mike Hall