Sunday, March 30, 2008

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Abraham Piper with 6 reasons why pastors should blog.

And while at DG, check out this helpful short piece from John Piper called The Leniency of Excommunication. Never thought of it this way.
C.J. with Sinclair Ferguson. A must read series of fun and insightful interviews based on Ferguson quotes that C.J. has appreciated over the years. The multiple pictures with C.J. in a tie also make the interview series unique.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: An Awkward Introduction
Part 3: Looking Outward
Part 4: Legalism in Eden
Part 5: Jesus Grows in Favor with God

While I'm on Sinclair Ferguson, and Abraham Piper gives pastors to recommend things on their blogs, I can't recommend enough Ferguson's collection of short meditations on Christ called In Christ Alone. I'm reading it in as part of my morning devotions. Short meditations on Christ that will have you reading the pages over and over.

For Humor: You know your wife is a redneck if......she says this in the local paper (HT: Tom).


KG said...

I appreciated the thoughts by Abraham Piper about the value in Pastor's blogging. Some of the reasons that he listed are the reason that I recently began blogging myself.
I forwarded the link to a number of pastor friends of mine.

chuck cobb said...

kudos to that link...It motivated me to finally jump in to the blog world..Thanks for the motivating link!

Bill Cook said...

I have no regrets about leaving Columbia to come back to DC last year... except I do miss sitting under Dr. Ferguson's teaching. The man is incredibly Christ-centered in all of his preaching - and there's just something that gives God's word more gravitas when it's preached by a Scotsman.

Thanks for the link - I don't get to browse C.J.'s blog as often as I'd like.