Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Noll Lectures at Princeton on Race, Religion and American Politics

Celucian provides a helpful roundup of talks from Mark Noll on race, religion, and American politics.

Part 1: ``The Bible, Slavery, and the Irrepressible Conflict`
Pt 2 - The Churches, `Redemption,` and Jim Crow'
Pt 3 - `Civil Rights, the Republican Alliance, and the Endurance of Evil in the Land of the Free`

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Ronjour Locke said...

Thabiti, it was great hearing you last night at T4G. You did an excellent job of showing the dangers of thinking in terms of race instead of ethnicity. I pray that the thousands there will take heed and exult in our new identity in Christ Jesus.

By the way, since we're on the topic, did you know that Dr. Noll is working on a book dealing with race and religion? I'm sure much of it is based on these Princeton lectures. I believe it's coming out in the fall.