Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Waaaayyy Overdue Awards

Man... this is overdue. When the Jeremiah Wright stuff broke, we had a little contest at Pure Church. We posted the audio to Wright's "Confusing God and Government" sermon and invited folks to do a sermon review/critique. The folks with the "most edifying comments" were offered a copy of either The Faithful Preacher or The Decline of African American Theology.

With my sincerest regrets for this tardy announcements, I'm happy to mention the following winners (who were winners in Christ long before this little exercise!):

Wyeth Duncan
Celucian Joseph
Steven Dresen

If you all will drop me an email with your mailing address and your choice of books, I'll get those right out to you. Thanks for contributing to the discussion!

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Nevergall said...

Since this post is in the 'boasting' catagory, one can't help but think this may be a test.


Hope you had a good time in NC.

BTW, enjoyed the post on boasting from 03/2007.