Saturday, July 11, 2009

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds: The "List" Edition

Five Signs of a Struggling Church:
  • We don’t emphasize Bible study anymore.
  • We cut our outreach budget.
  • Our church doesn’t change with the community.
  • We don’t take risks.
  • We don’t have a clear discipleship plan.
See the full article at Church Forward (HT: My World)

Michael Horton's Top 5 Books on Calvin (HT: JT)

Six Things a Pastor Becomes When He Has a Close Walk with the Savior
  • …he becomes known as a godly Christian first and foremost, and only secondarily as a capable pastor or preacher
  • …he blesses the congregation by the vitality of his prayers
  • …he preaches a Saviour he knows
  • …he becomes a ‘worthy’ example to the flock
  • …he strengthens the faith of his family who see that he loves Jesus as much in the home as he does in the holy-pulpit
  • …he bears the weight of the ministry by bringing its burdens to Jesus
Thanks Colin.

Eight Outlines for Revelation 20

Ten Things You May Be Loving More Than Jesus (HT: My World)

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