Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gabriel Loves the Church

Gabriel Fluhrer at River and Rhett posted a good, brief reflection on why we should delight in the local church. It's good writing, and it reminds us why all who are called Christ-ian should be thankful to the Lord of the Church for the gift of fellowship in His body. But it's not sentimental tripe; it's a challenging call to be the church. Here's exhibit A:

We who belong to churches must put aside the false face of commercial respectability, be vulnerable and do something radically different from po-mo'ism: SERVE one another. As I heard Pastor Mike Campbell say at Twin Lakes this year: "Your Savior washed feet!" Service to one another in love - sounds pretty John 15-ish to me.

That's authentic community. That's what this world needs, but not what it wants. What most people want is more activities, more programs, more buildings, less preaching, less Scripture, more superficial "service opportunities" - in short, anything to drown out the incessant din of the naggings of unsatisfied conscience. It's always easier to sign up for one more thing than have your lost neighbor over for lunch. It's always easier to give that check (and we need more, don't get me wrong!) for foreign missions than to talk to that co-worker about Christ. The Gospel answers all of these needs, and more. Jesus tells us how to be authentic: worship Him only and serve one another in love.

Fluhrer not only puts his finger on the problem, but also points to the solution.

We live in times that are calling out for something real. We've got it. It's called Christianity by the Book, lived out with passion and self-sacrifice. Heed the call to die to self that you might gain real life. Far from being the most service-oriented, community-desiring generation, we live in the most materialistic, selfish, lemming-like age of insipid nonsense - both in the Church and out - so that the only thing that is truly counter-cultural anymore (even punk is now acceptable as a style of jeans!) is TRUE, Biblical Christianity lived out selflessly. And that only happens when blood-washed, Spirit-empowered, self-denying, Christ-exalting redeemed sinners get together and WORSHIP.

And this is why Gabriel Fluhrer loves the church. Take a moment and think... why do you love the church?

Serve another today... post an edifying comment on a favorite blog about why you love the church.

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