Monday, June 26, 2006

A Historical Moment Nearly Missed at the SBC Meeting

Al Mohler helpfully reminds us of one historic occurence at this year's SBC meeting in Greensboro... and no, it' s not his discussion with Paige Patterson.

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FellowElder said...

Yeah, I think there is tremendous danger for the SBC and other evangelical groups in over-identifying with partisan figures (read Republican). One of the problems with that, as you allude to Stephen, is that every party is something of a mixed bag. They include some issues and figures you like, and some issues and figures you might want to distance yourself from (Truth be told, there's probably more ideological difference in the convention itself than is normally portrayed). To the extent that Christians identify with a party instead of particular positions and persons representing those positions, I think we blur the distinction between Biblical truth and partisan platforms.

What I was struck by in Mohler's piece was his calling to mind the fact that a descendent of slaves was speaking at the keynote event of the former slaveholding denomination. One could argue that a pro-slavery slave in 1860 could probably have found some voice at a convention, and perhaps Rice's politics aren't far from that (I don't hold that view), but the historic importance of the moment shouldn't be lost. Some gospel progress was on display as what once was unthinkable was welcomed--a black woman addressing the SBC.

Would that more of our churches reflected the "one new man" that Christ died to make us.