Tuesday, January 23, 2007

News Worthy & Not So Worthy

Will a man rob God? Apparently so. Churches would be wise to consider this article and protect itself and its members and the name of Christ with wise policies.

And by the way, it's now required that you get a receipt for that offering.

Creflo Dollar offers an eight-step process for personal change. Who and what's missing?

Who goes to hell? The Kansas City star gives a crash course in some denominational beliefs.

Tony Campolo defines the #1 job of the Christian. And he seems to be everywhere these days. Who and what's missing?

What a difference a letter makes! When my wife and I first moved to the DC area, we were given a list of churches to visit and consider. On the list was "Capitol Hill Baptist Church," which ended up being the last church we visited. It took us a year before we found the church... largely because I was spelling "Capitol" with an a ("Capital"). Before we visited CHBC, we actually ended up at this place and heard this guy preach! What a difference a letter makes! But think about it... I could have been 30 pounds lighter if we'd stayed!


Anonymous said...

It's a small world! My husband and I attended that church (Capital Baptist Church, in Annandale)for about 2 months before we settled down in another local church.

I would have enjoyed being a member of Mark Dever's church, but never heard about it.

Anonymous said...

I suppose we might be charitable and assume that the who and what that are missing may be due to the news writer editing out Jesus and the Gospel.

Sadly though, that charity may be misplaced with these two.