Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Overdue Appreciation

I'm way too slow at updating my links to other blogs that I appreciate. But since I have today off and some leisure time, I'm correcting that in at least four cases.

Under Blogs for Preachers and Those Who Like Preaching, I've added Colin's new blog Unashamed Workman. Excellent stuff! If you haven't already, especially if you're a preacher, you need to spend some time on this site. A brief description: "The overarching theme is, of course, preaching. And I’d like us to consider it in as wholistic a manner as possible. Therefore, we’ll cover everything from why we preach (the theology of preaching), to what we preach (as it emerges from preparation and ends in delivery), to life outside the pulpit (yes, there is such a thing!)."

Keeping it in the Adams family for a moment, Colin's wife and a couple of co-writers blog over at titus2talk. Good stuff there for sisters in Christ and men able to learn from them without fear of calling into question 1 Tim. 2. I've reorganized the list of blogs to reflect the soon to be growing list of blogs primarily for women. After all... they're more than half the church!

Okay... from the Adams family to the Sovereign Grace family... a couple of blogs that should attract and reward General Interest are NA - Humble Orthodoxy and GospelDrivenLife. If you've read either you've been blessed. If you haven't, much spiritual bounty awaits!

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Steve Weaver said...

I'm a big fan of Colin's blog too. Talk about making a splash. He has taken blogdom by storm. The blog deserves a wide readership. I'll check out your other links. Thanks!