Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Ups to Ma J'aican Friends

Much respect to the Jamaican Olympic sprinters for their performance at the Beijing Olympics. Bolt set a new record dashing at 9.69 seconds and the ladies--big ups--did something no country has ever done, taking gold, silver, and bronze in a single event.

Ma backayad friends got rude boy!

Read here of Jamaica's 30-year plan for sprinting success.


Always Giving Thanks said...

They were formidable performances! Incidentally, a small correction--the two Jamaican ladies are sharing the silver medal because they tied at 10.98 seconds. A bronze medal was not awarded for 4th place.

All the same, I would love to see how fast Lightning Bolt can run if he were actually CHALLENGED!!! :-)

Be blessed.

larrylaz said...

I think CJ should have a post coming soon on Bolt's showboating...what do you think?

FellowElder said...


I didn't see the Bolt performance, only the short clips of his pulling away from the pack. So, I can't comment the showboating. But this I know: Pride goes before a fall.

Pray for him.