Monday, August 04, 2008

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Worship God '08
What a wonderful time with the saints up at Sovereign Grace this past week! If you know the saints of Sovereign Grace then you know that the Lord has marked them with a wonderfully gracious, eager to serve, and hospitable spirit. And this past week was no exception.

I've made a resolution following this conference. I need to attend a "worship" conference at least once every other year, maybe once a year. I'm accustomed to conferences aimed at pastors, and they tend to take on a particular kind of focus and tone. I benefit tremendously from pastors' conferences for their focus on preaching, piety, church related issues of various sorts. But this conference was (to use a cliche) a breath of fresh air. There was plenty of word, and I loved that. But the combination of thinking about the word and public gathering was completely refreshing. A great deal was not only taught but also modeled throughout the conference. Being the music novice that I am, this was a very worthwhile investment of time.

Not to mention some of the new and recent music projects available at the conference:
The new Psalms cd was available. Excellent stuff.

Also available was Upward: The Bob Kauflin Hymns Project. Nicely done. Will have you looking up to the Savior!

I also picked up a copy of volume 3 of The Worship Songbook.

What I'm probably most excited about is Voice's new cd, Not Guilty: The Process of Pardon. It's hot. Biblical theology that's faithful, engaging, and set to head-bobbing beats. Any time you can put Lig' Duncan and Wayne Grudem on tracks discussing covenant theology and the ordo salutis, you know creative genius is at work!

Many, many thanks to Bob and the Sovereign Grace family for investing in the body of Christ in this way. You all are an honor to the Lord.

Speaking of Singing...
Finally a song worthy of deacons!

Thanks to Dan Phillips and Phil Johnson for reminding us of some things a pastor isn't.
Lord Vador


Jon Merkling said...

Is Voice's new cd out yet? If so, where can I get it?

FellowElder said...

Hey John,
SovGrace sold copies in the conference bookstore. I think it's available for purchase but I didn't find a link at the SovGrace website. You may try calling them directly. I'm sure they can direct you appropriately. It's a great album. (Do people still say "album"?)


DJP said...

It's always an upgrade to be mistaken for Phil, but actually the first post was mine.

Jon Merkling said...

Thanks. I still say album!

Jon Merkling said...

I found it on their website. Here is the link:

It is not publicized very well!

Thanks again for your help.

FellowElder said...

Thanks for the link... and for joining me in the increasingly rare category of folks who remember albums!

DJP, sorry about that on the first article. Thanks for edifying the body, brother!