Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ever Seen a Rooster Jump?

I just saw a rooster vertically jump and flap about 9 feet into a tree. Did you know roosters could jump? That's a better vertical than Kobe!


Anonymous said...

Why you got to go at Kobe though? You could of said Vince Carter (considered the best leaper and dunker ever)or even Nate Robinson from the Knicks who is 5'10' and can leap and dunk with the best of them. You could of used Jordan even though I don't credit him as being that spectacular of dunker. Domonique Wilkins was way better and was ROBBED both times he went againts "his airness", one of those meetings was in Chigago hmmmmm. Not trying to start a debate over (as far as I know sinful men), just saying............ :-)

Soli deo Gloria!!!

Cayman Reformer

FellowElder said...

1. Kobe has no vertical compared to the other greats you mention.
2. It's more fun rippin' Kobe. :-)


Anonymous said...

1. I'll give you that, with one comment/Kobe's vertical is not to be slept on.

2. If he wasn't good, he wouldn't be worth rippin!!

3. I'm more of a Dwayne Wade fan anyway. :-)