Monday, December 07, 2009

What Are Your Favorite Books from 2009?

Tim Challies gives his top 9 books of 2009 and his overall favorite. Good stuff on the list.

What were your favorites?


Brian said...

This wasn't first published in 2009, but I read Knowing God by J.I. Packer this past year. That one tops my list for sure.

Second? Again, one not published over the past year, but William Tyndale by David Daniell: an excellent biography.

NancyG said...

Without a doubt, the greatest book I read this past year was Calvary Road by Roy Hession. It has brought me face to face with the grace and sufficiency of Christ for all circumstances. The book provides a framework for the possibility of continual revival in one's life by acknowledging and dealing with my own sin first and foremost. By living out the reality of the grace and forgiveness extended to me, the sinner, I can freely extend that same grace to others. This book is nearly 60 years old, and it deserves to be a classic, right up the with pursuit of God, My Utmost, etc.

David Kjos said...

John Piper, God Is the Gospel
Burk Parsons (editor), John Calvin: a Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology
Leland Ryken, Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were

I am thoroughly enjoying The Christian in Complete Armour by William Gurnall. I won't finish it this year, though.

At the risk of sounding like a flatterer, I have to add that The Faithful Preacher was the most unexpected pleasure of the year. It's a piece of church history of which most of us are completely unaware.

Martin Downes said...

Bob Godfrey's book on Calvin was very good.

Martin Downes said...

...and Hilary of Poitiers, On the Trinity was a superb read

Stéphane K said...

I second John Piper's God is the Gospel.

Hayden said...

"Counsel from the Cross" by Fitzpatrick & Johnson is one of the finest books on counseling I have ever read. A MUST READ!