Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Turn Out the Lights... the Party's Over

Today was my son Titus' 3rd birthday. Yep. He's the big 3.

On the whole, he didn't seem that enthused. The entire day, he just kept to his routine, laid low, and took it all in. He was excited to open a few presents. So far, a large plane and two Bumblebee toys have captured his attention.

He had a fun birthday party with friends from church. There were kids every where, and a few parents despairing over the amount of sugar in the cupcakes. But everyone survived without incident.

Apparently, though, the day is done. Titus just looked at him mom and said, "Mom. I'm ready to eat, watch Little House on the Prairie, and go to bed."

Good way to finish, I think.


Joylane said...

Happy Birthday, Titus!

I'll watch Little House on the Prairie with you anytime -- birthday or not :)

John said...

Ha!. Sounds like a good day.

My little ones watch Little House nearly every day, and we have been reading through the books, too.