Friday, September 29, 2006

This Weekend

This weekend, I trust, will be a special one. I have the great privilege and honor of being installed as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman. Though the term "installation" sounds painful, I'm looking forward to it.

I've come to love this church very quickly. I can't say enough about the sweet joy, humility, love, and patience of this congregation. For me, the weekend will be about them and the Lord's work in the life of this church.

For three years the church was without a pastor. In that time, they continued together in faith and perseverance. They moved to elder-led leadership during that time because they wanted to be faithful to God and His Word. In that time several couples and individuals have gone off to seminary or the mission field, with the church providing essentially for their full support. And despite a painful episode in the life of the church and the loss of a much-beloved member, the church has persevered in joy and hope.

While this is an event to mark the "beginning" for me, for the congregation it is an event that commemorates the "continuing" faithfulness of the Lord to this body. And how faithful He has been! In a few months time, we will celebrate the church's 30th anniversary... three decades of God's faithfulness. Together, we're praying for and reflecting on what the next three decades may hold should the Lord Jesus tarry. It's an exciting time.

My brother Mark Dever will be here to preach the ordination sermon. He'll be accompanied by his lovely wife and outstanding son. The McBrides, friends from CHBC, are also visiting for the weekend. It will be great to share this time with them.

We will also have the opportunity to observe the Lord's supper together. What a fitting thing, it seems to me, to come to the Table together as pastor and people on this weekend. I'm looking forward to it with joy!

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