Monday, September 25, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

I had the privilege of visiting Capitol Hill Baptist Church this weekend. It was wonderful to be back for a couple of days after leaving for Grand Cayman this past June.

I had the privilege of leading a wedding service for a wonderful couple, Chris and Tess Ambridge. It was a beautiful worship service... apart from the part where I called the couple by the wrong names during the sermon! Everyone laughed it off and we continued joyously in the Lord. My advice: don't do that, it's embarrassing.

It was a great privilege to expound God's Word on Sunday morning. We took a look at the entirety of Psalm 119--all 176 glorious verses! What a God-exalting, Word-loving, challenging passage of revelation!

A delicious meal with the elders and their wives at the Lawrence home (thank Adrienne for preparing such a sumptuous fare), an afternoon reviewing a talk Mark is giving at the Baptist Distincitives conference at Southwestern later this week, and lots of hugs and kisses with members throughout the afternoon and following the evening service, service review with a new crop of talented interns, a late night pow-wow with four amazing young ladies... all wrapped up in four days of amazing hospitality from Jim and Eileen Hollenbach. I'm thankful to the Lord for the weekend... and I'm ready to get home with my family and the saints at FBC.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed to have missed your sermon. I was away visiting family (a trip God greatly blessed) and my wife hasn't stopped talking about your message since I returned. I will be catching it electronically soon, but it's not the same as feasting on the Word with God's people. Thank you for serving us.