Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sweet Sunday

This past Sunday was a sweet Sunday at FBC. It was one of those Sundays where the Lord seems to make everything center on one idea. We began the Lord's day with an all-adult Sunday school class focusing on our statement of faith and the unity it provides. We had the privilege of hearing the Lord speak to us from Eph. 4:1-16 where unity and maturity are so wonderfully emphasized. We concluded the morning service with baptism... talk about "one body, one Spirit, one faith, one Lord, one baptism, and one God and Father of all"!

Then we spent Sunday evening with Robert and Winnie Benson--a sweet couple! Robert is pastor at Southwest Christian Fellowship in Atlanta, GA. He and winnie were in town celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary! It was a joy gleaning lessons from life and ministry from such a godly couple. Tony, thanks for giving us the heads up that they were coming--it was a tremendous blessing to Kristie and me.

A few pics from the day.
Our baptismal: Smith Cove. A number of churches on the island conduct their baptismal services here in the wide open waters of the Caribbean Sea.

As we conducted the baptisms, I couldn't help but think of the old song they sing at my mama's church... Pastor Benson even broke in with it a little bit... "Take me to the water... Take me to the water... Take me to the water... to be baptized. None but the righteous... none but the righteous... none but the righteous... shall see God."

Even the iguanas come out for the baptisms. Notice the green lizard in the little fella's hands. Now that doesn't happen at your average First Baptist baptism, does it?

It's a wonderful place to be... from the people to the scenery... and a wonderful opportunity for the gospel.

Sundays are sweet here.


Paul said...

Thabiti - Any time you would like some pastoral assistance for future baptisms... especially if those baptisms should fall in, say, February... you just give me a call!

FellowElder said...

You got it, Kerux! Though the baptism in the river you described on your blog sounds interesting too.

Nathan Finn said...

Thabiti, I am truly moved by the way you are suffering for Jesus down there in the Caribbean. May we all be able to emulate you in your sacrificial godliness. :)

Paul said...

COLD, Thabiti... not "interesting!" COLD.

Ah well, regardless of the water source, there are few joys in the ministry greater than baptisms, wouldn't you agree?

FellowElder said...

No doubt baptisms are one of the greater joys of the ministry. I love hearing the testimonies and witnessing this profession of God's redemptive work in the soul.

you have no idea how much "suffering" this is! :-) Actually, I am not a big fan of sand and beaches or sitting for hours in the blazing sun either. These pictures represent one of two maybe three times I've been in the water since moving down in August. The Lord does all things well. He sends a land lubber down to the islands to do ministry :-)


Anonymous said...

What joy to share in praising Him with you for these redeemed souls. Your friend and partner in the Gospel, Matthew