Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Man Cold

For all the women who think their husbands are "big babies" when they get sick, here's a clip to show you just how we men see things and how serious it is when we're down. Take 2 minutes for some funny stuff! (HT: Shannon)


John Willis said...

That was hilarious! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

...and your point is???

I didn't see anything funny in this at all! What am I missing here???


FellowElder said...

You poor little bunny. Does your tummy hurt? Do you have a man cold? :-)

Anonymous said...

Just lobbin' softballs for you, bro... just lobbin' softballs. I keep lobbin' them and you keep whiffin'! Help a brutha out....


Paul Nevergall said...

That was funny stuff!

Can anyone help me out with the last thing the medic says right before he leaves (after the mocking)? I can't quite make it out.