Friday, February 22, 2008

Socially Awkward Guys Make Better Husbands

We've just finished our six week Sunday school class on courtship. It was a fun class, with folks very hungry to think through biblical teaching useful for conducting dating and romantic relationships. In one of the classes (based on the notes here), we thought for a bit about attraction. I wish I had had this little article summary to share during that discussion. Provocative... and intuitively it makes sense to me. How about you?


ajcarter said...

It should not be lost on us that it was "socially awkward people" who did the research and published the findings. What else do they have to do on a Friday evening :-)?

Anonymous said...

Praise God for that! - I'll tell Denise: I knew there was a reason she went for me (other than my boyish good looks -:) )


FellowElder said...

Denise is a woman of impeccable taste and discernment!