Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ligonier Videos Available

What a joy it was to participate in the Ligonier National Conference this past week. Sitting under such outstanding teachers and preachers enriches the soul. And I was especially encouraged to be there with ten folks from FBC Grand Cayman, with many others praying and watching. It was a sweet reminder of our partnership together in the gospel and the inseperable union between people and pastor.

For those interested, the videos of the conference talk are now available here. While I benefitted from all of the talks, my soul lept most at the reflections on the family of God and the holy nation found in Ferguson's and Carson's sermons. To think, God has made us who were no people to be His holy people. Even saying it is far less than the wonder of the reality! Enjoy being God's people today!


Anonymous said...

Dear Thabiti,
Thank you for the link to the Ligonier National Conference. I am enjoying it greatly. But I wonder where the sessions number 5-7 are?
Please post them if you can.
Your sister in Christ,
Sarah Gebremicael

Anonymous said...

it is me again. 12 and 13 are also missing.

FellowElder said...

Hi Ms. Sarah! Good to hear from you. You have to scroll down a little bit to find those other videos. It took me a moment to find them as well. But if you scroll, they should come up.

Praying for your delight in Christ today!

Anonymous said...

Found them.
Thank you.