Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17 Things You Might Not Learn in Seminary

And you'll need to know all of them. See here.

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Pastor Pablito said...

WOW...I still have a hard time believing the comments on the other blog about this list. I think I see the biggest result of seminary, the poster shared a list from his heart and the responders answered from their intellect. If one is not careful, seminary becomes merely academics.
I understand where he is coming from. My first funeral, I had to help put the man in the casket, carry the casket and lower it in to the ground. Then, I had to deliver words for a man I didn't know to people who didn't really know him. Nothing prepares you for that but life.
Compassion, understanding, and love cannot be taught in the classroom. If you don't have it, education won't give it to you. If you do have it, education doesn't teach you how, when or where to use it.