Monday, March 16, 2009

Something I'm Hoping to See the Ladies of FBC Use

This past Fall, the Lord granted me the privilege of speaking at the annual Peacemaker Ministries National Conference. It was a wonderful time fellowshipping with the entire Peacemaker family, who, as you would hope given the name of the ministry, exudes humility and peace and gentleness and joy. It was an instructive and encouraging time.

While at the conference, I learned about a new resource called The Peacemaking Church Women’s Study: Living the Gospel in Relationships. The Peacemaking Women's Study is a new eight-week video-based study from Tara Barthel and Peacemaker Ministries that covers relationships, biblical peacemaking, and the hope of the gospel. Peacemaker Ministries is an organization that exists to assist and equip Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically. In addition to writing the book Peacemaking Women, Tara Barthel has an active speaking and writing ministry—get to know her through her blog, Considerable Grace.

Over the next couple weeks, I hope to watch and comment on the video study. When I heard Tara speak about it at the conference, the strong emphasis on gospel and church community nearly pulled me out of my seat. It seems to me that nearly every church's women's ministry could benefit from a twin dose of gospel centrality and a high view of the church family. Looking forward to learning from these resources. Feel free to join in with me!

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