Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Major Bible Revision Planned

MSNBC reports that the NIV and TNIV are to get a facelift. A major updating with "everything on the table" regarding gender revisions is planned. At this point, CBMW and others are remaining open to the full review process. Ligon Duncan, chairman of CBMW, responds here. Al Mohler weighs in here. Concluding paragraph from Mohler:

In the end, the update of the NIV to be released in 2011 will have to stand on its own. Those of us who have had significant concerns with the TNIV should communicate these concerns respectfully, candidly, and directly to the Committee on Bible Translation, to Zondervan, and to Biblica. When released, the updated NIV will deserve and require the attentive study and review of all committed evangelicals. We must hope and pray that this updated NIV will be found both faithful and useful. For now, the decisions that will determine the faithfulness and usefulness of this updated edition are in the hands of the Committee on Bible Translation. We must all pray that their work will produce an updated translation we can greet with appreciation and trust. We must take the members of the Committee on Bible Translation at their word that they will consider these concerns. To fail to pray and to act in this way will be to fail at a basic Christian commitment. The issue is not only the integrity of a Bible translation, but our integrity as Christians.


jeffkramerak said...

No matter what the translation, we must be careful that the true MEANING is not tainted, or changed…we cannot add or take away words, lets not forget what it says in the last book of Revelations.

Anonymous said...

The Word is God; the Word is the Holy Ghost; the Word is Jesus Christ, a 3 dimensional form of God. Rev 22 spells out the warning very clearly for altering the Word. The Word was delivered by the Holy Ghost to men who were moved by it. Stop the nonesense and trust the Authorized Bible; or suffer God's Wrath.