Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sweet Pickings of Providence

Reading God's Providences is notoriously difficult. Who can peer into the fathomless mysteries of God's wise rulings in creation?

But almost immediately after being told I couldn't board my flight yesterday, the Lord gave me a sense that something precious would be the reward of this providence. I hadn't realized it at the time, but I needed refreshing.

The Lord has used His people to abundantly answer this need. Today I read a couple of tributes given at the funeral of a dear saint back at FBC. the remembrances of this man's life continue to stir in me a desire to live a deeper life of joy in Christ. Five minutes of reading opened my heart.

This morning I sat in on a systematic theology Sunday school class, and as I listened to Paul Miller meditate on the character of God, my God appeared so large and great.

Then, Greg Gilbert preached what must be the most beautiful sermon in the Psalms I've ever heard. My Jesus rose so magnificently from the lines of Psalm 20! How wonderful to see our Lord with the eyes of faith and be left in awe of His love and life! Listen to this sermon attentively, without distraction, Bible open, heart praying and hoping.

Came back for the evening sermon and Chris Erwin preached 1 John 5:14 with such clarity, power, and encouraging care... I was left really desiring to pray and pray long.

I'm missing the saints back at FBC, but I'm rejoicing in how wide and lovely is the body of Christ. I think I needed this spiritual shot in the arm before boarding a flight to South Africa. I praise the Lord His comforts overflow in our lives (2 Cor. 1:5). Romans 1:12 has been so abundantly true in my brief, unexpected time with Christ's people in this small part of the vineyard.

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