Friday, November 21, 2008

Because This Blog Doesn't Have Enough Country Music References...

I'm passing on this video courtesy of Tom Goodman at Get Anchored.

"Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Pastors"

I'm gonna have to make a couple adjustments based on a thing or two that hit a little close to home. But the bit about not letting them buy "ole books" was blasphemy!


Hayden said...

Ouch! What a low view of the pastorate. I know that this was done tongue in cheek and there are some funny lines in it but we should definitely check to see if this pertains to us.

By the way, the video was made by a Seventh Day Adventist group in central Florida just for a little background. I checked their website and it looked like some of the 'disdain for the pastor' stuff you hear in some of the 'seeker sensitive' camp. It doesn't mean there are not some truths in it but the context helps a little. I believe that it is good for us to hear from those 'outside of the camp' so to speak and learn from them.

Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know you were such a fan of country music. While this is ok, I think that there is much better out there. I do agree with you that 'this blog doesn't have enough country music'.

Anonymous said...

You ought to listen to a song called "Long Sermon" by country singer Brad Paisley.

DP said...

Okay, really funny and cute, but, come on, it ain't that bad. And Christ did say to pray for the Lord of the harvest to ... well you know the rest.