Friday, November 21, 2008

How's the Mrs?

So, the problem with the "Mamas don't let your babies to grow up to be pastors" video (besides the "Silly Songs with Larry" feeling you get listening to it) is that it actually points to some things that make you say "ouch!" Well, that's not a problem. That's helpful.

That video takes a light-hearted look at a serious temptation and problem: pastors neglecting their homes. I've too often neglected my home and failed to give time to my family--not only where needed, but where not "needed" as well. Just to enjoy the wife of my youth and like Edwards be fascinated in play with my children.

This is a serious problem for pastors. The gravity of it was captured, for me, in a short post from David Matthis at the DG blog. It's Grudem's brief comments on 1 Peter 3:7. Read it here and be challenged to give yourself afresh to your wife (or husband).

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