Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Take Me Back"

Ed Gilbreath's post of The Soul Children of Chicago "took me back." So, all day I've been humming a favorite song that I remember growing up called, "Take Me Back." Here's the late COGIC Bishop Gilbert Patterson leading the congregation in that song before taking communion.

And after a song like that... the pastor would ask something like, "How many of y'all know... that since that day... all night and all day... the angel of the Lord has been watching over you? How many of y'all know that?!" Right on cue, the congregation would break out in response with something like "All Night, All Day." Here's Robert Turner:

We'd just be getting started good. The sister on the piano would keep tinkling dem keys, and there'd be a clamorous couple minutes of celebration... then, "Oh I Want to See Him!"

But even over the last couple days, I've been musing on another song I remember growing up. This time the Gaithers' "He Touched Me" (of course, we would have given a bit of reprise to it):


Anonymous said...

Is the whole "choir" concept acceptable to reformed regulative principle brothers? Not addressing content of lyrics, just the "choir" concept.

Although I am not a classical Pentecostal, I sure miss the integrity of men like G.E. Patterson. Thanks for the video clips.

Laura said...

"He Touched Me" is a song that makes me cry EVERY TIME. It reminds me of my granddad, who sang bass in a Southern Gospel quartet (and owned a pretty mind-boggling collection of Gaither videos and song books). These posts are fun, Pastor T! :)