Friday, November 13, 2009

Kobe, Lebron, or D-Wade?

Personally, I'm drafting D-Wade. Exhibit A:

That may leave a bruise! HT: Z


Michael said...


Dwayne Wade made an impressive dunk. Should we not also notice that he appears very self-absorbed, not even extending a hand to the man he sent to the floor?

FellowElder said...

Hi Michael,

We are to notice unsportsman behavior wherever it exists. And on that score, all of these men, like ourselves, are fallen. We can remember Lebron's refusal to shake hands after a playoff loss last year. At least Wade's response is in the "heat" of a great play rather than purely unkind following a game. Kobe's attitude rivals taht of his idol, Michael Jordan. Assuming all three are fallen and in need of grace, I still think Wade generally has the better attitude on and off the court.

The comment thread isn't long enough for me to list the number of instances and ways my own attitude can be rotten or boastful or inconsiderate. So, I wouldn't draft me for any team. But I would draft D-Wade as my franchise player if this were about front-office basketball decisions.

Grace and peace,