Monday, November 02, 2009

Would You Pray With Us?

Last night we had a moving time of prayer during our evening service. We prayed for a number of items and issues, but two threads emerged through the prayers: the majesty of God and the plight of the lost. With fervency we praised God for who He is, and with brokenness we interceded for lost family and friends.

Today, I just want to ask if you might pray with us for Anthony, a young man of Hindu background who seems to showing the stirrings of awakening to his sin and his need for Jesus. About six months ago, the Lord saved his younger sister, and now we're praying for the family.

Also, we interceded for a ministry started at our church by a number of Filipino members. It's an evangelistic radio outreach that's shown promise and fruit. The radio station is going through some difficulty so airing the show has become sporadic. If it pleases the Lord, we'd love to see the effort continued and many Filipino and non-Filipino people come to saving faith in Jesus.

Finally, we had the privilege of ordaining a man to the eldership yesterday. He's a beautiful brother: humble, holy, kind, full of the Spirit, and eager to teach and preach. He has a real evangelistic passion and has been a great partner in the gospel. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless and keep Bentley as he continues to watch and shepherd the Lord's flock at FBC. If you're interested, the ordination sermon should be up at the church website some time today.

And we had the privilege of praying for Grace Church in Cleveland. Dear members from that church were visiting with us and it was encouraging to hear of God's work there. They also shared briefly about pastor training efforts they're involved in in Haiti, Mali, and Italy. We're praying the Lord raises up able and faithful pastors and teachers in those lands.


James said...

Which Grace Church in Cleveland is it?

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank all at church for having my family and myself in your prayers. My name is Anthony Jugmohan and my sister was saved 6 months ago. She is the best sister in the world and she loves Jesus Christ more than anything or anyone. She has been there for me and has preached God's word to me even when I rebelled. She never forced me but she showed me God's work and higher purpose for us all. I have been reading the bible more frequently and I have felt the Holy Spirit come down on me. My sister is a transformed individual and she will soon be a great doctor for the better of mankind.

May Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shower His choicest blessings on all at your curch and may He continue to protect, encourage and motivate you'll to keep reaching out to His flock.

I love you all and May Jesus reside in the hearts of all and may we all have everylasting life.

In Jesus' name we pray.